Petroleum & Natural Gas Heavy Haul Transportation

Providing services for the oil and natural gas drilling industry since 1968.

Heavy Hauling for Petroleum & Gas Exploration

Natural gas vessels and compressor units present some of the largest and most challenging heavy haul projects in the nation. The Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul team has moved these massive vessels across the country, including a variety of weights and sizes. We utilize our dual-lane trailers and careful route planning to move the vessels over the road, and use our self-propelled transporters to move the vessels into position at the site.

We offer petroleum transportation and lifting services for:

  • Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Rig Relocation
  • 24hr Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Rig Maintenance
  • Oil and Natural Gas Production and Completion
  • Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Rig Rescue

Featured Heavy Haul Projects

Looking for turn-key logistical heavy haul transportation for your next petroleum & gas project? With just a few details we can start estimating your project.

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