Power Generation & Transmission Heavy Haul Transportation

Our high-performing team and extremely reliable equipment are seasoned and ready for nuclear plants and energy-related projects.

Heavy Hauling for Power Generation & Transmission


Transformers are essential to energy transmission, however they can be exceedingly difficult to move. Weighing thousands of pounds and containing powerful electrical components, transformers must be moved with great care. Since transformers are also very dense and their weight is not distributed over a larger area, it is important to work with the right type of trailer. Our team has experience in loading, transporting, unloading and placing transformers at many different job sites. We understand the important safety precautions when working with energy grids and we maintain the highest level of caution and safety at all times.

We offer power generation & transmission transportation and lifting services for:

  • Substation construction
  • Transformer placement and maintenance
  • Transformer decommission
  • Transformer testing and maintenance

Featured Heavy Haul Projects

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