176,000 lb vessel haul with Northwest’s 13 Axle Rear Steerable Trailer

Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul’s 13 Axle Steerable Trailer in its Self-Supporting Load Configuration was utilized to haul this 11ft diameter, 92ft long, 176,000 lb vessel 74 miles from Burns Flat, OK to Calumet, OK. The Vessel was loaded with two of Northwest’s Leibherr LTM1100-4.1s in standard configuration at a 21ft radius. The Vessel was part of an entire gas plant relocate and construction project in which both Northwest Crane Service L.L.C. and Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul collaborated together to accomplish. Northwest team members Bill Thompson, Chris Landes, Andy Zirtzman, Ross Pittman, Greg White, Johnny Mefferd, Chad Riddle, and Chris Reed exceeded safety and engineering standards required by the project and provided the customer detailed engineered critical and non critical lift plans all of which were completed by Northwest’s Safety and Engineering Department.

176,000lb vessel haul with Northwest's 13 Axle Rear Steerable Trailer

Location: Burns Flat, OK → Calumet, OK


Equipment: 13 Axle Steerable Trailer

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