Heavy Haul Equipment for Oversized Loads

Heavy Haul Equipment to Handle Any Load or Route

Transporting heavy loads safely requires the right equipment. Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul utilizes a versatile range of best-in-class heavy haul equipment to transport all types of components, machinery, and materials. We can transport all necessary items from port to pad, or provide individual, specialized services for the particularly challenging parts of your project. We own, operate and maintain all of our equipment to ensure the highest level of safety and security. When we take on your transportation project, you will be working directly with our highly skilled and certified team, not third-party contractors. This way, we ensure excellence and the highest level of customer service at every step.

From regular loads to oversized, overweight, and over-dimension loads and even superloads, we have the equipment to safely and efficiently move any object. We perform over-the-road transportation for heavy or over-dimension loads and all ancillary components, as well as on-site movement and placement to get your items in exactly the right place. Take a closer look at our powerful fleet of equipment to learn more about our capabilities, or contact us.

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Girder Frame Transport System

The girder frame transport system integrates with the modular dual-lane trailer to provide the highest level of support for the largest loads. By dispersing the load’s weight across the axles and adjusting the frame to suit the load, it is possible to transport the largest, heaviest and most challenging objects.

Vessel Crossing Bridge equipment

Modular Dual Lane Trailer

Our modular dual-lane trailer makes it possible to transport loads that are significantly overweight, oversize, and over-dimension, including superloads. With a total adjustable width of up to 20 feet and a per axle line payload of 52,900 lbs, the modular dual-lane trailer can transport heavy machinery and components of all kinds.

HH Shiny Vessel equipment

Perimeter Frame Trailer

The perimeter frame trailer provides essential versatility to the heavy-haul fleet. This trailer provides additional vertical clearance by suspending the load between the axles, while still dispersing the weight across them. These capabilities are ideal for transporting over-dimension loads.


Self-Propelled Modular Transport

The self-propelled modular transport is made for precise on-site movements. The high level of maneuverability independent of a tractor trailer allows the self-propelled transport to move heavy items around obstacles, restrictive environments or rough terrain at the work site.


Other Trailers

We provide an array of trailers to not only transport your largest components, but also all ancillary materials. With full coordination across the entire transportation project, from loading to transit to unloading and placement, we take the stress out of heavy hauling.

Looking for turn-key logistical heavy haul transportation and crane services for your next project? With just a few details we can start estimating your project.

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