Specialized Over-the-Road Transportation

Over-Dimension and Overweight Transportation for Any Cargo and Any Distance

Making Over-Dimension and Overweight Transit Simple and Safe

Transporting heavy loads over long distances is already a challenge. You want your items to arrive on-time and stay safe along the way. When working with over-dimension and overweight loads, this becomes even more complex. Overweight and over-dimension loads require special considerations to ensure safe transit and delivery. Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul provides complete over-the-road transportation services and management for loads of all types, including over-dimension and overweight loads, and superloads.

heavy haul
heavy haul

Over-the-Road, Over-Dimension, and Overweight

Not all cargo fits neatly in a shipping container or on a flatbed truck. Some of the most essential pieces of machinery and construction materials exceed the width or weight of regular over-the-road transportation. In this case, you need experts who know how to operate heavy-duty transportation and navigate highway regulations. We are experienced with over-dimension, overweight and superload shipping nationwide, and we can provide the essential transportation and management services you need to make this trip go smoothly.

Legal load dimensions and weights vary from state to state, and depend on the kind of transportation and loads that you are working with. Obtaining permits for these loads means working with state regulations and paying fees according to the route, weight, dimensions, and other factors. Our staff can take of these regulatory concerns for you, and plot the best possible course according to the needs of the load. These permits and this careful planning beforehand helps to ensure a smooth trip, protecting your assets, preventing legal hassles, and staying safe on the road.

Route Planning for Overweight and Over-Dimension Loads

Careful route planning before transport helps to ensure that your shipment arrives via the safest and most direct possible route. Depending on the dimension and weight of the load, some routes may not be possible due to height restrictions, sharp turns, weight limits, or road safety concerns. The type of load may also require special permits, such as those for transporting hazardous materials, safety equipment, or additional inspections or surveys. The Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul team has successfully transported a wide range of over-dimension and overweight equipment for a number of industries, including petrochemical refining, renewable energy, natural gas, and more.

Are you working with moving freight that exceed common weight or dimension restrictions? Tell us about your project and we can give you an estimation.

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