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Flat-Bed Trucks and Heavy-Haul Trailers for All Materials and Components

We know that oversized loads and superloads seldom travel without additional components. Essential ancillary components accompany these vessels and machinery so they can function properly when they reach their destination. We own, operate and maintain a wide range of trucks and trailers capable of transporting all of the components and ancillary items that may accompany your project. With a complete range of heavy haul, loading, unloading and transportation equipment, we make it possible to transport all of the essential components for your project, large and small. You can rest assured knowing that your items will arrive on-time and in perfect condition.

Transportation Services For Your Entire Project

By keeping your transportation services under one roof, you can free up valuable time and energy otherwise spent coordinating individual tasks. Our experienced team maintains high levels of communication with you and with each other throughout the project, so we stay on-schedule at all times. We also conduct detailed route planning and careful regulatory management to ensure your shipments are on-track and in accordance with the rules of the road.

Complete Transportation From Port to Pad

Every day we are carefully planning routes and shipping details for some of the largest machines and components in the nation. With a versatile fleet of trucks, trailers and transports, we also provide planning and transportation for all of the accompanying parts of the project. All of the components shipped on flatbed trucks and trailers receive the same level of care and attention to ensure that they arrive at your destination on-time. Whether you are working with multiple oversized loads, one superload and a series of smaller components, or something in between, we can help. With a wide array of cranes, trailers, transporters, jacks and other essential equipment, we provide end-to-end transportation and loading support for all types of projects. Our team will see your shipment from the port to the pad, or we can supplement your existing transportation plan with any services you require.

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Our Heavy Haul Fleet

Goldhofer STZ/P-9 Nine-Axle Trailer

  • Integrated Hydro-Mechanical Double Steering System
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension
  • Trailer Width = 10’
  • Total Axle Adjustability = 23.6”
  • Maximum Overall Trailer Length = 102’ 6”
  • Minimum Overall Trailer Length = 66’ 3”
  • Maximum Trailer Deck Length = 90’ 4”

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