Modular Dual-Lane Trailers

Reliable Dual-Lane Transportation for Superloads

Modular Dual-Lane Trailers for All Types of Superloads

When moving heavy components for energy, petrochemical refining, communications and other industries, transportation can be a challenge. Many completed components cannot be broken down into smaller parts for transportation and they will inevitably take up more than one lane on the highway. This is where modular dual-lane trailers come in. With a fleet of heavy-duty trailers and experienced operators trained to work with superloads, we can transport any materials or components across any distance.

Modular dual-lane trailers are made to accomodate challenging superloads, which notably exceed regular weight and size limits on the road. Our modular dual-lane trailers are very versatile, with the ability to travel across rough terrain and safely transport heavy loads with different dimensions, weights, and requirements. With adjustable widths, lengths and gauges, our modular dual-lane transporters from Goldhofer are designed to handle large, heavy, and oddly-shaped loads. Load equalization and precision steering allows drivers to navigate highways, city roads and rural roads without putting assets or surroundings at risk. This means loads that would be otherwise unmovable can be safely and securely shipped to any location.

Permitting and Route Planning for Superloads

Transporting dual-lane components or materials requires extra planning and permits. These precautions not only ensure that your load makes its way safely to its destination, but this also ensures the safety of all drivers and staff. Generally, a load qualifies as a superload when it exceeds any of the following: 16 foot width, 16 foot height, or 200,000 lb weight. Regulations vary between states on some aspects of a superload, but specialized transportation equipment, training and permits are required in all cases. We can help you plan the most efficient route and schedule for your superload transportation, and secure the appropriate modular dual-lane transporter for the job. We can also provide pilot vehicles and drivers where necessary. With these regulatory challenges resolved, you can focus on your project and leave the transportation to us.

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Our Modular Dual-Lane Trailer Specifications

Goldhofer THP/DC Dual-Lane Transporter

  • Revolutionary designs allows gauge adjustment while loaded
  • Minimum width = 14’
  • Maximum width = 20’
  • Per axle-line payload = 52,900 lbs.
  • Maximum steering angle = +/- 60°
  • Load equalization across all axles via hydraulic suspension
  • Economical mobilization via legal truck loads
  • Owned, operated, & maintained by Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul

Featured Modular Dual-Lane Trailer Projects

Our Dual-Lane Trailer Take On All Different Types of Loads Across Many Industries

Amine Contactor Transport 3

HP Amine Contactor Transport

From Fabrication to Foundation, Northwest has safely completed the first stage of an HP Amine Contactor Tower transportation and set project. The 471,031 lbs. tower was loaded onto our Dual Lane Transporter at the fabrication


Northwest Utilizes 20-Line DLT to Transport Vessel Across Oklahoma

Northwest Heavy Haul transported a overly large vessel across Oklahoma. The vessel itself weighed 532,000 lbs, so to efficiently move it Northwest utilized 20 lines of their Dual Lane Transporter (DLT). With the vessel,  DLT, and

Northwest's First Job with Dual Lane Transporter (DLT)

Northwest’s First Job with Dual Lane Transporter (DLT)

The population of Granite, Oklahoma is a little over 2,000 people. A very rural area that has a couple blocks of dense population right in the middle. One chilly day in January of 2013, their

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