Girder Frame Transport System

Securing Superloads Across Long Distances

Safe Transportation for a Wider Variety of Superloads

The girder frame transport system makes it possible to safely transport loads that would be otherwise be impossible with a dual-lane trailer alone. The girder frame transport system integrates with the Goldhofer THP/DC dual-lane trailer to increase the maximum height, width, length, and weight available. With the superior power, versatility, and stability offered by the girder frame transport system, we can transport superloads that other logistics companies can’t.

Simplifying Superload Challenges

The girder frame transport system is designed to disperse load weight across the trailer and across all axles. By equalizing the load across the transport system, we have the ability to transport much heavier loads, regardless of their dimensions.

Adjustable and Versatile

We have worked with superloads of all types, and we know the importance of accommodating many different dimensions for superloads. With a maximum load length of 80’ and width of 26,’ the girder frame transport system is suitable for many different components, machinery and materials. The girder frame transport system’s hydraulic load height adjustment, with a maximum of 6’ 6” total adjustment, also makes it easier to transport especially tall loads. The transport system is also equipped with self-loading and unloading capabilities, simplifying the process and saving time.

Northwest Girder Frame Transport System Specifications

Equipment Model

  • Maximum Payload = 550,000 lbs.
  • Integrates with Goldhofer THP/DC Dual Lane Transporter
  • Maximum Load Length = 80’
  • Maximum Load Width = 26’
  • Hydraulic Load Height Adjustment up to 6’ 6” Total Adjustment
  • 14” Minimum Load Clearance to Ground
  • Hydraulic Width Adjustment
  • Self-Loading & Unloading Capabilities

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