Professional Transportation Services for End-to-End Shipping

Complete Transportation and Shipping Services for Challenging Loads

Shipping and placing overweight and over-dimension loads does not have to slow down your schedule or place extra strain on your staff. Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul provides transportation services from beginning to end for challenging loads of all types. With state-of-the-art technology in the hands of our highly-trained staff, we safely, securely and effectively transport items across any distance. Our specialized trailers, transporters and transport systems make it easy to move oversized loads across the state or even across the country. We can handle your transportation challenge from start to finish, including roll-on / roll-off loading, long-haul transport, regulatory requirements, on-site movement, cargo staging, rigging, lifting and more. Whether you want to keep your entire transportation plan under one roof or you require a particular service to complete your project, we are happy to help.

NWC - OKC Yard

Cargo Staging Solutions

Transportation for equipment and building materials requires coordination. Safe, secure, large-scale storage solutions will help you stay on-schedule.

oversized heavy haul

Roll-On / Roll-Off

The right transporter makes national and international shipping fast and easy. We have the equipment and experienced staff to facilitate roll-on / roll-off shipping for all types of cargo.

PST Turning

Specialized On-Site Transportation

Moving large components or machinery to the right spot at your job site often means navigating around existing structures or over rough terrain. Our transporters and experienced drivers and engineers can make the move safely and efficiently.

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Specialized Over-the-Road Transportation

Transporting over-dimension or overweight loads long distances requires the right equipment, permits, and route. We will take care of every step for you.


Crane & Rigging

A fleet of versatile cranes allows us to load, unload and place cargo and components from the port to the pad. With state-of-the-art technology in the hands of expert operators, we can safely and efficiently place your cargo for shipment, place components at the job site, and even complete construction or assembly.



Moving dry bulk materials presents a number of challenges and requires specialized logistics services. We provide dry bulk transportation, pneumatic hauling, transloading and temporary silo storage to streamline shipping.

jack and slide

Jack & Slide

Moving oversized and overweight loads across the road is only one piece of the puzzle. We also offer jack & slide services to move heavy components into place at the job site. With transportation and placement services all under one roof, your project will be expertly coordinated and streamlined.

Looking for turn-key logistical heavy haul transportation and crane services for your next project? With just a few details we can start estimating your project.

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