Jack and Slide

Moving Superloads Safely On-Site

Safe, Efficient Placement for All Types of Equipment

Your heavy haul transportation project isn’t finished until your components or materials are in the right place at your job site. Once your items make their way to their destination, they still have to be unloaded and placed. Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul provides jack and slide services to complete your heavy haul transportation project. We will bring all of the equipment necessary to perform a jack and slide operation for your items, regardless of the weight, size, or dimensions. With jack and slide services available at your destination, you don’t have to worry about coordinating with another company. Our team will take the same time and care engineering the jack and slide lift as we do with route planning, loading, and transport. You can rest assured knowing that your equipment is in good hands at every step in the process.

Jack and Slide

Complete Movement and Placement Services From Start to Finish

We have the equipment and expertise to take care of every aspect of your oversized load or superload transportation project, including the loading and unloading. Jack and slide services allow us to move massive objects into the correct place with precision once they’re arrived at the job site. Since they don’t require the use of cranes, jack and slide operations are ideal for job sites with limited vertical clearance. A jack and slide operation keeps loads secure and controlled throughout, so it is especially useful for loads that may be unsteady due to their size, shape, or weight. Our team plans, executes and monitors the project to ensure stability and make sure your equipment is properly placed at the jobsite.

Jack and Slide Services for Many Loads and Industries

Jack and slide operations are useful in loading, unloading and moving many different components across many different industries. Jack and slide services are especially useful for repairs, construction and improvements to power grids, as there may be limited vertical clearance due to power lines. Moving massive transformers into position becomes much easier and safer using a jack and slide. A jack and slide might also be used around petroleum refineries and natural gas plants with movement restrictions. If you’re wondering about jack and slide services for your oversized load or superload, contact us. We’re happy to provide more information about any loading, unloading, or transportation challenge you’re facing.

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