Self-Propelled Modular Transporter

Versatile Transportation for the World’s Heaviest Loads

Self-Propelled Modular Transporters Make Big Moves Easy

Self-propelled modular transporter are designed to solve transport challenges for some of the world’s largest, heaviest objects. At Northwest Heavy Haul Logistics, we use best-in-class self-propelled modular transporters to provide the most reliable and most versatile moving capabilities. With a high degree of maneuverability, multiple steering modes, load equalization and hydraulic suspension, self-propelled modular transporters are designed to keep heavy, oversized loads steady in nearly any environment. This technology makes it possible to load, relocate and place massive components without posing risks to the item or workers. Our operators and engineers bring years of training and experience to each project, and we are confident in our ability to take on any job.

Working in Restrictive Environments with Heavy Loads

When it comes to moving gas refining tanks, communication tower components, wind generator blades, and other enormous objects, it’s important to plot the course carefully and use the right equipment for the job. Self-propelled modular transporters are designed for even, steady, gradual movement, keeping heavy or unstable loads secure along the way. With multiple width and length configurations, the self-propelled modular transport can be adjusted to suit all types of components and materials. The load equalization and high-tech steering capabilities allow the transporter to make tight turns that would otherwise be impossible with such heavy loads. These transporters move independently, without the need for a truck, which removes the wide swinging motion of a regular trailer and allows for a much higher degree of maneuverability. This means narrow roadways, bridges, restrictive work sites and other challenging environments are navigable, even with an oversized load.

Our Self-Propelled Modular Transporter Specifications

Goldhofer PST/SL-E Self-Propelled Transporter

  • Modular design for maximum versatility
  • Single or multi-width configurations
  • Length adjustability for any application
  • Fully synchronized steering modes
  • Per axle line payload = 77,160 lbs.
  • Maximum steering angle = +/- 135°
  • Multiple steering modes for maximum maneuverability
  • Load equalization across all axles via hydraulic suspension
  • Owned, operated, & maintained by Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul

Featured Self-Propelled Modular Transporter Projects

Precision On-Site Movement for Superloads

northwest production to pad 3

Northwest Production to Pad

Northwest moves a 455,000 lbs. 173ft long Demeth Tower 840 miles from production at Broken Arrow, Ok to pad in Mentone, TX. Stood up and set in place.


Northwest Utilizes 20-Line DLT to Transport Vessel Across Oklahoma

Northwest Heavy Haul transported a overly large vessel across Oklahoma. The vessel itself weighed 532,000 lbs, so to efficiently move it Northwest utilized 20 lines of their Dual Lane Transporter (DLT). With the vessel,  DLT, and

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