Roll-On/Roll-Off Transit Services

Reliable Transportation For Heavy Machinery and International Shipping

Making Large Shipments and Long Distances Simple with Roll-On/Roll-Off Transport

Northwest Heavy Haul provides a wide range of equipment to make roll-on/roll-off shipping easy, affordable, and safe. When it comes to transporting gas compressors, communication tower components, railcars, bulk materials and many other large loads, roll-on/roll-off shipping helps to streamline the process. By avoiding lifting and loading to and from cargo ships, your shipment stays secure and gets where it needs to go faster. Moving these shipments successfully means finding the right roll-on/roll-off equipment for the job. Our heavy haul transporters are ideal for roll-on/roll-off transit services anywhere in America. With a complete range of loading, lifting, and transport equipment, we can streamline your project and coordinate all services under one roof, or provide exactly the services that you require.

nitrogen tank on barge
Port of Catoosa

Self-Propelled Modular Transports to Navigate Cargo Ships

Roll-on/roll-off transport equipment is designed to keep heavy or oversized loads secure, and eliminate the complex process of loading and unloading this equipment. A self-propelled modular transport can maneuver on and off of a cargo ship without affecting the load. These vehicles are designed to move around tight spaces like shipping areas and navigate tight corners with ease. The reinforced frame ensures that no load is too heavy, and our experienced team helps to keep loads of all sizes, weights, and shapes stable.

All Types of Loads Over Any Distance

Whatever load you are working with, whether you are transporting one large, heavy item, several smaller ones, or numerous items with variable weights, we can help you find the right roll-on/roll-off transport. With a full complement of specialized transporters, we have the right equipment to safely load and unload your cargo, and transport it anywhere in America. Our transports are suitable for over-dimensional and overweight loads as well as superloads of all kinds.

With the right roll-on/roll-off transporters and a knowledgeable team to oversee your shipment, you won’t have to waste time with loading and unloading, or navigate complex regulations. We’ll make sure permits, inspections, licenses and other considerations are all in place for the next leg in the journey, so your cargo can get on the road immediately. With streamlined service from roll-on/roll-off and on through transit, you don’t have to worry about any obstacles slowing your shipment.

Looking for reliable and affordable roll on/roll-off shipping transports for your national or international cargo? Tell us a bit about your project and we can give you an estimation.

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