Specialized On-Site Transportation

Moving Heavy Loads in Restrictive Areas Safely and Efficiently

Loading, Unloading and On-Site Movement for Overweight and Over-Dimension Loads

When it comes to working with over-dimension, overweight and superloads, short distances can be as challenging as long distances. In some cases, the biggest challenge is moving the load into the right position once it’s on the job site. These movements require careful planning and precision to ensure all equipment is moved properly and no surrounding assets are at risk. It’s also essential to unload and place the load properly to guarantee the safety of everyone on the site. If these final on-site movements aren’t conducted properly, it can mean that the rest of your transport plan goes to waste. With state-of-the-art transport equipment and staff with years of experience with overweight, over-dimension loads, we are prepared to handle any on-site transportation challenge from beginning to end.

heavy haul
heavy haul

Maneuvering On Site

Some objects are not meant to turn tight corners or move through restrictive pathways. When large tanks or machinery weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds and spanning hundreds of feet must move through restrictive areas, you need the right equipment for the job. Our self-propelled modular transporters are designed to tackle these challenges. With advanced steering mechanisms and independent movement, self-propelled modular transporters can make precise movements on-site that would otherwise be impossible with a large trailer.

On-Site Transportation for All Types of Industries

Often, making repairs, expansions or improvements to industrial facilities mean navigating around expensive equipment already on a job site. When it comes to moving electrical transformers, natural gas compressors, wind turbine blades and components, cellular towers, and other large, heavy loads around active worksites, care and precision are essential. Our team plots the on-site movement as carefully as we plot routes across the nation. With a fleet of trucks, transporters, trailers, cranes and jacks to accommodate all types of components and working conditions, we are confident in our ability to move any item safely and effectively, from beginning to end.

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