Perimeter Frame Trailer

Over-the-Road Transport for Over-Height or Oversized Loads

More Height Clearance and Even Weight Dispersion

Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul utilizes a wide range of equipment to provide secure, reliable transport for all types of loads. The perimeter frame trailer makes it easy to equalize and stabilize loads that are especially heavy or tall. Suspending the load between the axles provides additional clearance, making it possible to transport taller loads without complications. The perimeter frame trailer is also designed to disperse the load across all axles, thereby removing potential hazards and conforming to highway regulations.

Keeping Loads Stable and Secure

The 13-axle perimeter frame trailer provides extensive height, length, and width as well as superior stability. The trailer’s design lowers the load’s center of gravity and makes it less susceptible to turbulence. The perimeter frame trailer is also adjustable to suit the dimensions of many different loads. The added stability and versatility of the perimeter frame trailer makes it an ideal asset for a wide range of projects.


Our Perimeter Frame Trailer Fleet

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